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Building Fund

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The Building Fund is an integral part of the success of our Master Plan and the construction necessary to sustain St. Edwards moving forward.  The chart at the left shows how close we are to goal.  The figure represents $5.81M raised to date through the following sources:

  • Memorial Pledges
  • Directed donations
  • Bequests
  • Other funding sources

If you wish to contribute to the Building Fund, please contact Mary Ann Sekellick 371-7372 x224 for more information and available memorials.


Stock and Security

Stock and Security Transfer Questions: Please direct all of your stock and security questions to Chick Cairo ( Someone will contact you within 48 hours of receipt of your query.


New Worship Area

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Memorial Pledges (see pledge link below)

Pledges can be applied toward Memorials as shown in the spreadsheet (linked below). Memorials can be purchased as a whole or in shares. It is not necessary for you to find others to buy shares with you; you may if you choose to do so, but we will join individual share buyers where necessary. Also, Memorials will be assigned on a first come first serve basis. If you want a specific Memorial item please sign up as soon as possible so you can get your choice.

Please write your Memorial choice on your pledge card with your pledge amount and return it or if your pledge has already been submitted call Beverly Breen, Parish Secretary at 371-7372 x221 to assign your pledge to a Memorial item.

If you have any questions please contact Chick Cairo (, phone 518-469-5543), Sue Martin (, or Fr. Pat.”


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Below is a detailed presentation of St. Edward’s Church including renovation vs. new construction. Please review the presentation and frequently asked questions and then respond to our survey below (survey immediately follows the Frequently Asked Questions).


Master Planning Frequently Asked Questions:

When did the Master Planning process begin?

Answer:  The current Master Planning Committee was formed in May 2009

How many people are on the Committee?

Answer: There are currently 10 people on the Committee. The composition of the Committee has stayed fairly consistent over the past 3 years. We’ve lost one member and added one member.

Why did we start the Master Planning process?

Answer: When we started the Master Planning process the Parish community directed us toward three primary objectives.

  • Expand our facilities for Faith Formation

Our Faith Formation facilities were built in 1996 to accommodate up to 650 students. Today we have over 1,250 students in our Faith Formation program. Additionally, we added a Youth Ministry program in 2005. This program encourages the Parish children to continue to learn and grow outside of the formal Faith Formation structure. Approximately 150 of our Parish youth regularly participate in community service and faith enrichment activities.

  • Make our Worship Space more religious

Since the day Fr. Pat became Pastor at St. Edwards he has been approached by large numbers of Parishioners asking how we can make the Worship Space more “spiritual.”

With the recent closings of some of the urban Parishes we’ve been able to recover a variety of stained glass windows, marble, architectural wood and religious artwork, and a wonderful pipe organ. All of these treasures have been incorporated into our plans.

  • Improve our facilities for service and social functions

A number of Parishioners have pointed out that as we have grown numerically our capacity to handle larger groups has not expanded to meet our needs. We now use our Kitchen, Gathering Area, and Social Hall for a variety of functions, not just on Sunday, but over the course of the week.

We have created “permanent” areas in our Gathering Area for Mary’s Corner, the Food Pantry, and similar programs. Our Kitchen is bursting at the seams as the Knights of Columbus and other groups prepare meals for various social functions.

Expansion and modernization of our service and social areas has been incorporated into our plans.

What timeframe does the Master Plan cover?

Answer: Our planning process covers a period extending 5 to 15 years. We have attempted to meet the most pressing needs as early in the plan as possible while leaving as much flexibility as possible to make changes over time as our programs expand and change.

What are our needs?

Answer: Over the past 3 years we have meet with a variety of Parish groups individually, as well as the Parish collectively. Out of these meetings the areas determined to be most in need of being addressed include:

  • Faith Formation Facilities
    • Need more space for classrooms and the redevelopment of the existing space for proper pedagogical methods used today.
  • Worship Space
    • Need an identifiable main entrance
    • Need to make the church more visually warm and spiritual
    • Need to add seats that are closer to the altar and get rid of “the cave”
    • Need to better incorporate the choir and musicians
  • Service and Social Facilities
    • Need to add space to and update our kitchen facilities
    • Need to increase the capacity of and improve the décor of our Social Hall
    • Need to increase the size of our Gathering Area
    • Need to add space to attract/retain our youth
  • Buildings and Grounds
    • Need to better incorporate facilities for the handicapped
    • Need for better restroom facilities for all Parishioner, including the handicapped
    • Need to add an outdoor Prayer Garden for meditation and wedding photos
    • Need for a playground for our children
    • Need for better signage
    • Need for better traffic flow

Our plan attempts to address all of these areas.

The Committee had originally shown 2 plans, Renovate the current Worship Space and Build a New Worship Space. Why did the committee recommend we build a New Worship Space?

Answer: Both plans, Renovate and New, could have met a significant number of our objectives. However, after careful analysis we realized that the option to build a new Worship Space best suited our needs for the following reasons.

Why do you recommend we build a New Worship Space?

Answer: Both plans, Renovate and New, can meet a significant number of our objectives. However, after careful analysis we believe that the option to build a new Worship Space will best suit our needs for the following reasons.

  • It will take less time to complete a New Church, 12 months from ground breaking, with minimal disruption of services. The Renovation plan would have taken 18 months to complete and during that time approximately 1/3 of the church would have been closed off. We were concerned that this would have caused some Parishioners to go elsewhere.
  • Building a New Worship Space allow us to view the recovered Stained Glass windows from anywhere in the Worship Space. The windows in the front of the renovated worship space would only be seen in full from the first few rows of pews.
  • The new  Worship Space expands our seating immediately to 1,153 seats and we have the ability to add over 50% more seats in the future with minimal disruption. While we can add more seats initially to the Renovated Worship space, we can only add a few more in the future. Any additional growth will require a new facility.
  • The option to build a New Worship Space provides more space for Faith Formation, Youth, Social and Gathering as soon as Phase 1 is complete. We can immediately begin using the current Worship area space for numerous Parish activities, even if we spend no more funds. Under the Renovation plan we would need to expend more funds to get the planned benefits for Faith Formation and Social activities.
  • The New Worship Space option allows us to add an office and permanent space for Community Outreach Ministries.
  • But most importantly, both plans will ultimately cost about the same. New will cost more in Phase 1 ($1.2M more, $6.6M versus $5.4M), but by the time we complete Phase 3 both plans will cost roughly the same $10.58M for Renovate, $10.64M for New.

Where would the New Worship Space be located?

Answer: The New Worship Space will be located directly south and in front of the current Worship Space. It will sit approximately 200 feet closer to Clifton Park Center Road. It would sit in the south parking area. Because of this we would lose approximately 40 parking spaces. These spaces will be added to the north parking lot (back of the church).

The current Worship Space would be able to be used immediately for a variety of functions. It could eventually be renovated to create a new, enlarged Gathering Area, a new Social Hall, extra meeting/classrooms, and added storage.  In the meantime it will provide maximum flexibility to allow us to use the space as needed.

What is the cost of the New Worship Space option versus the Renovated Worship Space option?

Answer:  The New Worship Space project costs more up front ($6.6M versus $5.4 M) because we are building the New Worship Space in Phase 1. In the Renovate Worship Space project we build some new space in Phase 1 (extend the Worship Space south and east), but the bulk of the new construction is done in Phases 2 (Gathering Area) and 3 (Youth Center and Faith Formation classrooms.

Is the cost of Repairs to the current facility included in the cost of either the New or Renovated Worship Space plans?

Answer: No. The cost to repair and maintain our existing facility is in addition to the costs for either plan. The cost for repairs will typically be taken out of our annual operating budget and are paid for separately from the building project. We expect to be able to address all needed repairs without additional fund raising efforts.

How long will it take to be in the new church?

Answer: The Clifton Park Town Planning Board approved our project on February 11, 2015. Based on that decision we can begin the Detailed Design Phase of the project on March 1, 2015. Detailed Design and Cost Review will take approximately 4 months to complete. Assuming we stay on schedule we can then create Construction Documents. The Construction Document Creation Phase will also take approximately 4 months to complete. Assuming we stay on schedule we can put the project out for bids in November of 2015.

Assuming we stay on schedule, construction would begin in the Spring of 2016 and we will be in the New Church in the Spring of 2017.

How have our Capital Campaign efforts gone?

Answer: Our Capital Campaign has been terrific! 899 Parish families have pledged or donated so far. This is approximately 75% of the families who regularly attend Mass. As a result of this we have been able to set aside $5.81M to date. This is approximately 87.4% of the total we need to completely pay for the project. We still have some work to do to cover all of our costs and are looking for volunteers to help on a variety of fun projects. Please contact any of the Master Planning Committee members if you would like to participate in any way.

The committee is confident that by the time we complete the New Church we will be able to pay for it completely.

What Art Work will be used in the New Church?

  • Answer: We have approximately $2M worth of stained glass windows, artwork, and the organ from St. Patrick’s in Watervliet that we have been able to recover from churches in the Diocese that have been closed. The windows are from St. Patrick’s in Troy and St. Mary’s in Troy. They are absolutely beautiful. We have 24 windows in total, but will only be able to use 12 in the New Church. The specific windows used in each location have not yet been finalized.

Pictures of some of the artwork and the organ are located here (click on the image to enlarge)

Where will handicapped parking be located?

Answer: Handicapped parking is planned to be located in our east parking lot close to the current Worship Space. A handicapped entrance, with a ramp and automatic door, would be located on the east side of the new South Vestibule. This will provide a shorter walk than currently for handicapped Parishioners into our Worship Space.

Why don’t we just add the 600 additional seats that are shown in the future for the New Worship Space now?

Answer: The Committee wrestled with this question, but in the end decided that we should take this in two steps. We are adding a little over 20% of seating capacity when we grow from 956 seats to 1,153. If we were to add an additional 600 seats on top of this we would almost double our seating capacity. We believe that there is no current need for us to do this and incur the additional cost to build the capacity on the assumption that we will fill it in the future.  The plan devised will allow us to grow as our needs dictate in the future. In the meantime we can enjoy a beautiful New Worship Space without putting extra financial burden on the current parishioners.

What materials will be used in constructing the New Worship Space?

Answer: We are currently planning on brick for the outside of the Church with a shingled roof. Other design details will be finalized over the next 4 months.

Committee Documents


Master Planning Committee Members

Chick Cairo, Committee 469-5543
Sue Martin, Committee 371-4635
Dominick 371-5507
Joe 423-0847
Ralph 371-6362
Dave 235-4819
Fran 817-1626
Fr. Patrick 371-7372 x225
Peter 421-6573